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Shawntel Johnson, most notably known by the mononym Shawntel, is a first-generation, Afro-Caribbean American artist born in Brooklyn, NY and based in Columbus, OH.

Self-taught and well-versed in several mediums spanning from traditional to digital, her pieces often incorporate vibrant colors and recurring themes of Afrocentrism and Afrofuturism, surrealism, the Divine Feminine, body positivity, sex positivity, cannabis, and queerness.

Her core mission is to make people, especially from the African diaspora, see themselves through her eyes: beautiful, celestial, ethereal, and non-monolithic.

She views the body as divine art, even when in compromising positions, and occasionally makes sensual art to challenge the stigma that is too often associated with the human body and its natural instincts.

She also has a deep love for all kinds of music, and occasionally curates playlists (that are meant to initially be played in order) to accompany her pieces and expand on their stories.

She is currently providing only her photomanipulation and graphic design services as commissions and has limited slots open.

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