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Shawntel Johnson, most notably known by the mononym Shawntel, is a first-generation, Afro-Caribbean American artist born in Brooklyn, NY and based in Poughkeepsie, New York.

As a Black AF artist on the blockchain, Shawntel creates vibrant, ethereal, Afrocentric art that often explores themes of surrealism, the Divine Feminine, mental health, and body positivity. With a background in web3 and a recent foray into AI, Shawntel’s digital paintings and collages have been displayed on a Times Square billboard and Zoratopia, and she has created cover art for artists including Iman Europe, Matt Monday, and Heno. She is self-taught and well-versed in many mediums spanning from traditional to digital and, in addition to her paintings and collages, Shawntel curates finely crafted playlists that occasionally accompany her pieces and has recently begun dabbling in 3D sculpting. As a valuable resource to the community, Shawntel maintains a Twitter list of over 2,800 Black people in web3, including artists, traders, curators, builders, and collectors. Through her art, Shawntel hopes to inspire people, particularly those within the African diaspora, to see themselves as beautiful, celestial, and non-monolithic.Β 

She views the body as divine art, even when in compromising positions, and occasionally makes sensual art to challenge the stigma that is too often associated with the human body and its natural instincts.

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